We're decoding challenges & crafting digital solutions.


We solve complex problems and are ready to take on new challenges in diverse industries and skillsets.

Your quality standards meet here with an exceptional level of precision from top to bottom with scalability.

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Dark Boys Media is a problem-solving company that solves the problems you are facing in the digital world. Currently, we are transforming businesses online by providing full-cycle solutions, from website development to marketing strategies, and promoting their products in the marketplace.

We're small in size, but our work is not underrated. We have diverse skill sets and continuously upgrade ourselves to maintain project integrity, save your time on complex challenges, and deliver exciting results.

If you're looking to create something exciting that is highly risk taking with bold decisions and challenges, you can count on us.

Meet the founder

Founder of Dark Boys Media

Sonu Kumar

In the Digital Era, everyone wants to be online and be known. We're already in and helping you create your own digital footprint with integrity.


Our mission is to improve the digital identity of brands. We help businesses scale their business by solving their complex problems through digital solutions, providing high quality designs, products, and automating their work to save time.


Our vision is to ensure that you are on the cutting edge of technology. We find best solutions for implementing the latest trends and technology in your organization. This may be AI, new tools, software, and more to increase productivity.

Our key principles

  • 1

    Research approach

    We research the latest trending topics in the market to implement ideas in our business, and the insights help us innovate.

  • 2

    People-first approach

    In projects, we do a lot of hard work to reduce complexity and create designs that are user-friendly and easy-to-use for all age groups.

  • 3

    Ethics Line

    We don't compromise on the way we work or the quality standards we set. If a project demands that we use unethical methods, we cancel the project.

  • 4

    Value of our Words

    We are transparent and don't take on every project. We are specific about the selection of work to deliver the desired results as described in the contract.

  • 5


    We invest in our team's education to stay up-to-date. It helps us develop digital marketing strategies that take advantage of the latest trends.

  • 6


    Together, we collaborate to organize ideas from teams and prioritize the most crucial ones in order to develop strategies with the client.

Join our team

We recommend you read this page very carefully. If you feel you can handle a heavy workload and you have a broad mindset with self-realization, we welcome you.