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What is Dark Boys Media?

Dark Boys Media is a digital startup working across multiple sectors and industries, aiming to transform people's lives by automating work processes using the latest technology developed and manufactured in India. Our strong vision and mission drive us to go beyond just earning money and leading luxurious lives. We are an independent group with the power to make a real difference in people's lives.

What is the vision of Dark Boys Media?

At Dark Boys Media, we work in various industries such as public services, media, PR, and ed-tech, and we publish more details when each project is launched. However, for our agency specifically, our vision is to empower local businesses to reach a wider audience and build their brand value in international markets.

Who is the founder of Dark Boys Media?

Sonu Kumaar is the founder of Dark Boys Media. He has over 6 years of experience in digital marketing, advertising, web development, and graphic designing. He completed his graduation degree in BCA and pursued an advanced digital marketing course alongside his graduation. He completed the course in 2017 and his degree in 2018. He created a website that attracts over 30,000 daily visitors and has more than 30 lakh monthly pageviews.

Where is Dark Boys Media headquartered?

We mostly work and collaborate with international clients and don't have a strong presence in India. Currently, our headquarters is located in South Delhi Extension Part II, and our registered office is in Mayur Vihar phase-3, New Delhi. However, we are planning to expand our physical presence to Bengaluru and Mumbai in the future.

Why don't we have a physical working office?

At present, we are a remote team and available to work with clients from over 9+ countries, including India, Dubai, Singapore, the United States, California, and LA.

What is Dark Boys Media 360° Digital Marketing Agency?

Dark Boys Media 360° Digital Marketing Agency is one of our projects under the Dark Boys Media Group. Our agency assists individuals, startups, and businesses in transitioning from offline to online seamlessly, and guides how to maintain their brand value digitally. We also advise on how to reach a wider audience and sell products online globally.

How can Dark Boys Media Agency help us?

At Dark Boys Media, we offer our services at a competitive fee, but we take complete responsibility and ensure transparency with our clients. We customize and personalize most of our work according to the client's requirements and tailor it to their business goals.
There are reasons why we charge a certain amount for our services: We invest heavily in experimenting with new tools to gain new insights and maintain over 150 websites with different niches and targeted industries. We work with professionalism and highly dedicated teams that are assigned to a single project at a time. Our teams conduct in-depth research related to the project and collaborate to deliver guaranteed results.
We understand that we are not perfect, and sometimes things may not go as planned. However, we take complete responsibility for any failures and successes that derive from us.
In short, Dark Boys Media can help you by providing customized and personalized digital marketing services tailored to your business goals. Our dedicated teams work with professionalism and guarantee results, taking complete responsibility for any failures that may occur.

How much does Dark Boys Media Agency charge for its customized services?

The pricing of Dark Boys Media for any customized service varies based on the client's requirements and project demands. However, the basic and initial cost of our customized services starts from 96,000 INR (₹), 1,169.59 US Dollar ($), and 1,064.91 Euro (€).

Is Dark Boys Media hiring?

Yes, Dark Boys Media is currently hiring, but we have very specific skill requirements. We are a close-knit team with a clear vision for the company and we are rapidly heading toward our goals with focus and passion. We are highly selective in our hiring process to build high-end, scalable teams.